English Worksheet for Class 2: Exercises, Spelling, Grammar PDF Download

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Looking for an English worksheet for class 2? Worksheets are important for students to learn more about the subject. They help students to learn and practice skills in a fun and engaging way. This worksheet is designed for Class 2 students who want to improve their English language skills. It contains activities to help them practice their grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension. The worksheet also provides instructions on completing the activities so that students can work independently without assistance from parents or teachers.

English Worksheet for Class 2 PDF Download:

Worksheet for class 2: Activity A

1.Fill in the Blanks with the following: “a”, “an”, and “the”

    1. I need a pen.
    2. I need _ pen on the desk.
    3. Nita wore _ saree at her family function.
    4. I would like to have _  conversation with Ravi about the firm.
    5. She had _ orange today.
    6. Divya is _Doctor who works at Shalby Hospital.
    7. Ritu was looking for _ umbrella.
    8. Vihaan was playing with _ puppy.
    9. Cherry saw _ beautiful bird while returning home.

2.Rewrite the following sentences by using “the” suitably:

  1. Sun is shining brightly in sky.
  2. Bible is a holy book.
  3. Where is chair?
  4. Eiffel Tower is a fascinating place.
  5. Moon is hiding behind clouds.
  6. She was looking for Post Office.
  7. Maria met president yesterday.
  8. Ganga is a river.

3.Answer the following questions in one word:

  1. The place where you go to pray_
  2. The place where a Doctor and nurse work_
  3. The place where firefighters work_
  4. Who treats Animals?
  5. From whom do you receive letters?

English Worksheet for Class 2

English worksheet for class 2: Activity B

1. Answer the questions given below suitably: 

  1. Who uses a Pencil and Notebook to study in school?
  2. Who uses a Duster, chalk, and Blackboard?
  3. An Animal that eats grass and “Moo”?
  4. Who works at a Police station?
  5. Who uses injection and a stethoscope?

2. Place full stops and capital letters in the sentences given below:

  1. my sister is a doctor
  2. ravi is studing for the exam
  3. aksh went on a hiking
  4. vihaan is playing with friends
  5. jhonny is preparing for exams
  6. we won’t be celebrating holi this year
  7. diwali is my favourite festival
  8. seema wore a beautiful dress

3. Complete the following sentence by placing “was” or ” were” suitably:

  1. _ she looking for me?
  2. We _ watching a movie yesterday.
  3. They _ not letting Rahul play cricket.
  4. He_ practising for a match last night.
  5. The cat _ chasing the mouse the whole night.
  6. There _ a pen on the table.
  7. Ritika _ waiting for her sister.
  8. We _ enjoying our visit to Agra at the end of the day.

English worksheet for class 2: Activity C

1. Complete the following sentence with the correct form of Tense:

  1. I have _(see)the movie twice.
  2. I will be _ (study)at the library tomorrow.
  3. I have just _(finish) my homework.
  4. He will be_ (write) an article for the newspaper next week.
  5. They have been _ (wait) for two hours.
  6. We will be _ (play) soccer tomorrow evening.
  7. I have_ (finish) my work.
  8. I will be_ (eat) dinner by 8 pm.
  9. She has _(buy) a new car.
  10. We have (finish) our project.
  11. She will be _(study) for her exam next week.
  12. They will be _(play)soccer in the park tomorrow.

2. Fill in the blanks with “er” or “or”:

  1. Trait_
  2. Senat_
  3. Paint_
  4. Broth_
  5. Sist_
  6. Anch_
  7. Auth_
  8. Grandmoth_
  9. Col_
  10. Arm_

English Worksheet for Class 2

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Getting good grades in English can be a challenge for many students. But with the right exercises and practice, it can be achieved. Doing these exercises will help you improve your English skills and get better grades in your class. This English worksheet for class 2 is designed to allow students to practice their English skills. With this worksheet, you’ll be able to hone your skills and get better grades in no time!

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