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Cochran Boiler: Definition, Working, Uses, Diagram and Working Principle

Cochran Boiler: Definition, Working, Uses, Diagram and Working Principle

As there is advancement in the field of Science, one can use lots of tools and apparatus to simplify any work in your workplace. One such tool is the Cochran Boiler. Not sure what is it? Never heard of it? Well, don't worry, pal, as we are here for you to provide you an in-depth knowledge about it:


Cochran Boiler:

It is a boiler that is a multi-tubular vertical fire tube boiler with different horizontal fire tubes attached to it. These boilers are a modification of a simple vertical boiler as in this boiler; the heating surface has been increased to increase the efficiency by utilizing some fire tubes in it. The efficiency of this boiler is wave better than a usual boiler. It has a low pressure, natural circulation, natural draft, fire tube boiler, and a vertical drum shaft with an internally fired furnace.

The Cochran Boiler has different types of applications in the industry. Some of these are:

  • It is used by several refinery units and is also useful for chemical processing units.
  • It is used by the paper manufacturing units.
  • It is useful for small hydro-power

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Cochran Boiler Diagram:

Here is a diagram of the Cochran Boiler for you to understand better about this apparatus:

Cochran Boiler Construction and Working:

The working principle of the Cochran Boiler is similar to any other Boiler but the construction is different:


  • It is a vertically constructed boiler that has a height of a boiler greater than its width, which helps in occupying more roof space in comparison to the floor area. The fire tubes in it are designed perpendicular, i.e., parallel to the surface.
  • The boiler also has a shell and furnace at the top that is hemispherical in shape, which is useful when standing the intense heat. It is helpful in becoming a barrier for any kind of explosion or damage caused during the whole process.
  • The furnace of the boiler is then connected to fire tubes at the end, which helps in passing the burnt gases into their living from the other end of it. In the end, it is connected to the chimney and the smoke box, which helps in the passing of the gases.
  • The mountings of the boiler, like the pressure gauge, safety valves, stop valve, etc., are attached at the top of the boiler as per its design.
  • The Blow valve is fixed at the lower, and additionally, it also has a brick wall that helps in resisting the escape of burnt gases.

Working Principle of Cochran Boiler:

The Cochran boiler working has the same kind of working principle in comparison to the other types of boilers:

  • The very first stage is where the coal fuel is placed on the great with the help of a firebox, and the air is introduced to the furnace. After this Spark of fire is introduced with the help of coal through a fire hole which starts in the presence of air, and the process of fuel combustion starts that produce heat inside the furnace, and it transfers to the flue gases.
  • After this the gases get heat which increases their temperature and these start flowing from the furnace into the burner with the help of a flue pipe which further reaches to the fire tube which is surrounded by the water boiler.
  • The heat is then transferred to the water, which results in converting the heat into steam that goes in the upward direction and is later stored in the hemispherical dome.
  • It is later converted into a dry form of steam, which further utilizes that drives the steam turbine. A steam stop valve controls the flow of the steam, after which the blades of the turbines start rotating things which helps in generating coal and producing electricity.
  • The exchange of the levels of the heat of the hot gases is sent into the smoke box, which then discharges into the atmosphere with the help of a chimney; it also has ash feet that collect the ash of the fuel that is burnt.


The Cochran Boiler is one of the well-known most used multi-tubular boilers that are used by several industries. The main advantage of this boiler is the fact that it doesn't require too much floor space like other types of boilers. The design of the boiler decides the steam production rate in this boiler. Moreover, one can increase the efficiency of Cochran Boiler by adding accessories such as Economizers and more. So if you are thinking of adding this apparatus to your workspace then you can surely increase the efficiency in your workplace.


What is Cochran Boiler?

It is a vertically constructed multi-Tuber boiler that is also an internally fired fire tube boiler.


How to draw Cochran Boiler?

It can be tough for anyone to draw a Cochran Boiler because it has several components. But it is not impossible! If you are planning to draw one, getting an idea of how it looks is important.  You can go through a flow diagram, watch an Animation of the Cochran boiler, or search the diagram of the Construction of the Cochran boiler to get an idea about the different parts of the apparatus that will make it easy for you to draw one.

What is the reason for the shape of Cochran Boiler?

The reason why the shape of the Cochran Boiler is hemi- spherical head is because it can stand maximum strength against the pressure of the steam that is inside the boiler. It is advantageous in resisting heat and absorbing the radiant heat that is in the furnace because of its shape.

How much steam is produced in Cochran Boiler?

Cochran Boiler is a maximum pressure that can operate up to 15 bar. The pressure of the boiler depends upon the operation and design of the boiler. The maximum production capacity is up to 4000 kg per hour. However, it depends upon the number of fire tubes and combustion installation.