Battle of Longewala: A Pivotal Moment in Indian History

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In the year 1971, the Indo-Pak war took place, and 120 when determined against the 60 Tanks and over 3000 Pakistani soldiers. Indian soldiers should be against these armies to protect and defend the motherland supported by air action. The Battle of Longewala is described as the Battle of Thermopylae because of the reference used to describe the conquest or Battle of a smaller army compared to a much superior and larger Army or force.

The Battle of Longewala: What actually happened?

The Battle of Longewala, fought in 1971 between India and Pakistan, is a significant event in the history of India. The Battle of Longewala was decisively fought between India and Pakistan in 1971. It was a pivotal moment in the history of India-Pakistan relations, as it marked the first time Indian forces had achieved victory over Pakistani troops on the battlefield.

The Battle began when Pakistani forces crossed the international border into Indian territory, hoping to gain control of Longewala and its surrounding area. Indian forces, led by Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, could repel the attack and hold their position throughout the night. In the morning, Indian air support arrived and destroyed most Pakistani tanks, forcing them to retreat. This victory would later be remembered as one of India’s most significant military successes against Pakistan.

The major reason:

The Battle of Longewala all the Indo-Pak War of 1971 was due to the consequence of an armed apprising that Bengali nationalists led for gaming independence as well as the self-determination of Bangladesh to become an independent nation. This is why it is also known as the Bangladesh Liberation War. The influx of about 6 million Bangladeshi refugees occurred due to the Pakistani Army’s atrocities, which is why the sudden influx heavily burdened India. As there was no long-term solution to the situation, the Indian Army decided to capture eastern Pakistan, which led to the declaration of an independent Bangladesh.

The Progression of the Battle:

  • On December 4th, 1971, 120 Indian soldiers stationed at Longewala, it is a small village in Rajasthan, India. These soldiers were confronted by an overwhelming force of 2000 Pakistani soldiers. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, the Indian brave troops managed to hold their ground and ultimately emerge victorious.
  • This remarkable victory was primarily due to their courage and determination, as well as the timely arrival of Indian Air Force jets which provided crucial air support to the ground forces. The Battle of Longewala is one of India’s most significant historical victories.
  • The Battle of Longewala is one of the most critical battles in the history of Indai as it was fought between the Indian Army and Pakistani forces on December 4-7, 1971, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The Battle resulted in a decisive victory for India, securing its western border and enabling it to liberate Bangladesh.
  • The Battle was fought at Longewala, a small village in Rajasthan near the international border with Pakistan. This Battle is remembered for its strategic significance. It was a significant turning point in the Indo-Pakistani War and saw Indian troops successfully defending their positions against an overwhelming attack by Pakistani forces.

Longewala War: Why is it important?

The Longewala War is an essential landmark for all those who want to learn more about India’s history and its brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. It marked the beginning of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and resulted in a decisive Indian victory.

The Battle was fought on the night of December 4th, 1971, when an Indian battalion faced off against a much larger Pakistani force at Longewala village in Rajasthan. The Battle lasted several hours, during which Indian troops held their ground despite being heavily outnumbered.

Ultimately, Pakistani forces were forced to retreat due to heavy losses and a lack of ammunition. This victory was crucial for India’s success in the war and is still remembered as one of its most significant victories against Pakistan.

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The Battle of Longewala was a battle in Indian history as it averted an incursion into the Western theatre of the Indo-Pakistan Battle without interfering with the military operation in the East. It also denied the bargaining tips for the Pakistani Army against India. It was a combined air-ground operation that achieved great success without the participation of the ground and the Indian troops as the fighters in the air. The soldiers defeated the Army out of the need for more troops to their help. The Battle in itself was the epitome of the Indian Army’s bravery.


Who was the general of Pakistan during the Longewala War?

In 1971, General Yahya Khan served as the military leader of Pakistan in the war.

Where Longewala is situated?

Longewala can be found in the western region of Jaisalmer district, famously known as the Thar Desert. It is a border town that is full of stories.

How many soldiers die in the 1971 war at Longewala?

During the Longewala skirmish, two brave Indian warriors paid the ultimate price.

Who won the Battle of Longewala?

India won the Battle of Longewala against Pakistan.

How to visit Longewala border?

To get to the Longewala post in Jaisalmer, you’ll need to make your way to the base of Jaisalmer and then take a two-hour drive in that direction.

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